Monday, January 13, 2014

World Heritage Cruise - Gordon River

 I was able to use my flybuys points and redeem them for this World Heritage Cruise down the Gordon River.

It was a stunning day and perfect to be out on the water.

The cruise took us to Hells Gates and out into Macquarie Harbour.  Because it was such a beautiful day and the wind was calm, the captain took us out through the gates and into the ocean.  The size of the swell was amazing to see.  He said the closest land if we kept going was South America!!!

 We stopped at Sarah Island.  This is Tasmania's oldest convict settlement, operating from 1822 to 1833.  It developed a reputation as one of the severest of the penal settlements established during the history of transportation.  However, the island was also a successful centre of industry.  Pining and shipbuilding were among the trades carried out by the convicts.

 Bridget enjoys the scenery as we head down the Gordon River.  World Heritage wilderness on either side of us.
It was a fantastic day out and we learnt a lot too!!  The tour ended back in Strahan at the Huon Pine sawmill. We'd seen many Huon Pines trees on the cruise and found out they take 500 years to reach maturity!  Only growing 1mm a year.  We picked up a few pieces of Huon Pine to bring home and one is going to be a cheese board for me!!

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