Saturday, February 27, 2010

What a perfect place for a wind farm..... and a perfect day to visit one. They were huge and looked so powerful!!

This just shows how windy it was!!!! Cape Jervis- looking out to Kangaroo Island (the girls were nearly blown there)

Looking out over the rugged coastline. This spot was a little protected from the wind.

We went exploring more of the Fleurieu Peninsula today.This is Second Valley where we had lunch. Again we hit another windy day. We are starting to wonder whether it's always windy on this coastline!! Very pretty though
This is Tim Parker- the family we are travelling with. He's busy layng the tiles.

Chris busy at work cutting tiles.We've now been here just over a week and will be here for another week.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The girls on Granite Island (Victor Harbour). I think we'll come back here for a dusk tour and watch the penguins come in.

We stayed at Aldinga Beach for a bbq tea and to watch the sunset over the ocean. We also got to see dolphins and the girls tried to swim out close to them.
There are lots of beaches in SA where you can drive right onto! We just drove in , aprked and jumped in the water! (Aldinga Beach)
We found a chocolate factory and sampled their yummy chocolate. We were passing it again another day, so just had to stop in again and try a bit more!!
The girls and I climbed the World's Largest Rocking Horse. In this photo we are right up the top. Can you spot us???
We went to a toy factory and the girls had a ball. They had a sample of each toy out for the kids to play with. So much fun!
We spent a day in Adelaide city. We couldn't believe how much free stuff there was. We spent hours in a museum which the girls loved and were so interested in (free), we took a bus up to the other end of the city (free) and walked through central market where they had heaps of cheap fruit and Go Adelaide!
Visiting my cousin Danielle in Adelaide
Standing on the jetty at Port Noarlunga just south of Adelaide. It was windy, but he views and the water colour were spectacular!
We stayed with my Uncle Alan in Adelaide. He knows his wines and his wineries so we had a great day touring McClarenvale in his MX5. Obviously we wouldn't all fit so we had to take turns.

Looking over McClarenVale from Chapel Hill to all the yummy wineries!!!MMMMMM

Venus Baths in the Grampians. The girls had a great time sliding down these rocks like a slippery dip into the next rock pool. A great thing to do on such a hot day.
McKenzie Falls in the Grampians. Another great walk. We had to walk down to the bottom of the falls. It was gorgeous. But we weren't so keen for the teep uphill climb back!! Well worth it though.
We did a huge climb this night, but the views were so stunning, noone was complaining
The Grampians were stunnung. It was so hot, but we loved it.

12 Apostles!! They take your breath away!

A top camp spot Aire River in Otway National Park. Claire caught her first fish off this bridge.

Day 1 on the Great Ocean Rd was rainy, but that didn't stop us. We still got out and explored
The girls had so much fun panning for gold!!