Thursday, January 2, 2014

We are hitting the road again!

Thursday 2nd January 2014

We have decided to pack up and head off travelling again. It has been four years since we first left to travel Australia and we have now been home for two years. This time we plan to go for six months and spend most of our time in Tasmania working with Mobile Mission Maintenance (MMM) and Kununurra connecting with St James Anglican church. We loved it so much last time and there has been many things we've missed.  We are all excited to be going and look forward to serving and glorifying our great God in all that we do.

This photo has become a tradition now for when we leave home and return.  It's a great snapshot of how much the girls grow!  It's hard to believe that when we first left in 2010, Bridget was Lucy's age (8).

 This is our set up for the six months.  A different ute to last time (Hilux has been replaced by the Colorado) and a different van.  We have down sized (majorly) from a full size 20ft van to a pop top 13ft van!!  It may seem a little strange since the girls are a lot bigger than last time, but we are only going for six months and it feels like plenty of room when the beds pop out either end (time will tell). I know I will miss my comfortable bed, a washing machine, shower and toilet, but I also know I've done it before and we just get used to what we have (or don't have for that matter).  We can't wait to see more of God's creation and meet new people.

 It hasn't taken the girls long to get back into the 'groove' of travelling!!  Day 2 on the road we cross the border into Victoria and it feels like just yesterday we were on our big 2 year trip!  So many things have very quickly come back to us and so far we are settling in very quickly to life on the road.

Night 2 on the road and we have struck gold with this free camp site!!  We are on the Kings River at Edi, Victoria.  Top view from my bed and we all enjoy a swim (shower) in the river. 

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  1. What an adventure you are about to begin (again!). Looking forward to keeping up with it all! Im looking forward to one day getting back into a van and travelling around Aus! So much to see :)