Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Starting School!!

We are not quite back at our base in Devonport yet, but school starts today for Claire and Lucy.  Lucy has been asking and asking when school is starting.  She was very excited this morning and both girls were keen to make a start.  Claire goes into year 5 and Lucy goes into year 3.  Bridget will start in a few days time.

I was a bit slow in getting going this morning after being kept awake a lot of the night with noisy backpackers camping near us.  I even marched over to them in my PJ's at 11:30pm and in my best teachers voice informed them that they were not the only ones camping here and to keep it down!!  Fortunately this rarely happens, but obviously these backpackers needed a lesson in camping etiquette. 

We stopped at this great rest area for the night in the Tamar Valley at Gravelly Beach.  There was a skate park where the girls enjoyed riding their scooters, a great park and bbq area and a view of the water.

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