Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Chris's Work- MMM

 Over the last month Chris has been painting at Nexus House.  Nexus House is a City Mission organisation. It offers crisis and emergency accommodation, emergency food and material relief, drug and alcohol recovery etc.
 He worked with Graham and Gloria Scott who are the Mobile Mission Maintenance friends we are staying with. Even though painting is not Chris's favourite thing to do we were reminded that God always has a plan and is in control.  The lady who looks after Nexus House with her husband said what a blessing it was to have Chris there for Larry.  Larry was one of the men staying at Nexus House and he helped Chris paint for a few days and just appreciated Chris's company.

 The place looked so much better once they'd finished!!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Tassie Devils

 We had all been wanting to see Tasmanian Devils while we were here.  So at Cradle Mountain we visited 'Devils at Cradle'.  It was a feeding tour and we loved it!!
 It was so informative and we learnt heaps about this little creature.  We were able to see them, touch one and see them being fed.
 The sound they make is such an eery one.  If you were out in the Tassie wilderness camping and heard that sound through the night, it would scare the pants off you!!

 They also had quolls here.  We learnt all about them and watched them being fed too.

 It was a great end to a great day at Cradle Mountain!!

Cradle Mountain- Again!!

 We had been watching the weather very closely for a few weeks and were waiting for a clear, sunny day so we could head back to Cradle Mountain.  We even did an hour or so of school work on Sunday, so we could take the day off Monday and enjoy this special part of the world again.
 We certainly did get a sunny day!  The weather was just perfect.  Even though I'd taken a hundred photos when I was here a few weeks ago, I still went crazy and took just as many again!!

 We had planned to do the walk around Dove Lake this time as we didn't before.  But when we got down here, we decided we didn't want to walk around the lake, we wanted to climb up again and take in the great views on the hike we did before.

 A panorama shot of Crater Lake as we climbed up to Marion's Lookout
 Yay!! We made it again.  It's a tough walk up, but we sit up here, have lunch and enjoy God's creation for an hour or so.
 Panorama of Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain

 The steep climb back down from Marion's Lookout
 Crater Lake

 This is Ronny Creek where our walk ended.  Such a beautiful countryside.  We are so glad we came back again.  I told the girls I'll come back again with them one day and we'll climb to the top of Cradle Mountain or maybe even do the overland track!!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Friends and church

 When we've had the chance, we've headed down to 'The Bluff' at Devonport.  There's a great park, skatepark and beach.  One afternoon after church we met up with a family from church.  Since being in Devonport we've been going to Oldaker Street Christian Centre. It's so great to be at the one church for a length of time.  We'll have been here 5 weeks by the time we leave.  They are one of the friendliest churches we've ever been to and we've enjoyed getting to know people as well as worshipping our great God together.  We've enjoyed listening to a series on the gospel of Mark.  The girls have connected with girls their own age.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

A little bit of what Chris has been up to.

 We spent most of last week in Launceston at Worldview - Centre for intercultural studies.  Singles, couples and families come and study for a few years before heading overseas as missionaries or overseas students come to learn English.
 They have a small farm on the property and grow a lot of their own fruit and vegetables.  Chris was working on a chook caravan.  Basically is a henhouse on wheels that they can move around from paddock to paddock.
 Chris jumped at the chance to hop on the tractor when they needed someone to put it back in the shed!
 A lot of progress was made on the chook caravan the few days Chris was there.  They were really appreciative of his help and skills.  The girls and I enjoyed our time here too.  The girls made friends very quickly with the kids that lived here and we all enjoyed a few nights out of the van.  We stayed in an apartment and had meals cooked for us.  Everyone ate in the dining hall and it was nice to fellowship with others (and have a few days off cooking!)

Rocky Cape National Park

 Continuing up the North West Coast our last stop for the day was Rocky Cape National Park.
 Again I got very 'snap happy'!!  I couldn't help it.  The water, rocks, mountains, beach were all amazing.
 What a beautiful part of our country!  I love how Tasmania has an abundance of spectacular places and they're unspoilt and not full of people.
 more photos.....
 more photos....

 Up at a lookout looking over Rocky Cape National Park
 Top family day out!!


 On way up the North West Coast we stopped in at Boat Harbour beach.  This place blew us away and I went a little 'snap happy'!!
I took the opportunity to take some shots of our gorgeous girls.

Boat Harbour beach looked like a tropical island.  The white sand and the clear blue water was so beautiful.  We stayed here a while and the girls had a swim and Chris and I just soaked up the beauty!

Below is the view over to Rocky Cape National Park which is our next stop today.