Thursday, December 15, 2011

Signing Off!!!!!

This is it......the final blog from Smith's Aussie Adventures. We arrived back at our house on Friday 2nd December. After two years on the road, it's time to settle back into life at Yeoval.
We feel so blessed to have had the most amazing experience travelling this beautiful country and meeting some very special people. It's a little daunting being back, but we know how God supplied for all our needs travelling and are certain, he'll provide for us now at home. Praise God!!

Two years on....

From this..... The first photo was taken the day we left on our trip, and the other photo two years later on the day we arrived home. Wow!! The girls have grown up so much!! Not only are they taller and older, but they have had the most amazing experience and grown in so many other ways!!

Caravan to House

AND from this to this.....After 2 years in the caravan, our house feels sooooo big!! When we first walked into our house, we just wandered in a daze for an hour wondering where to start and what to do with all this room. Wow!! We will never think our house is small again!! The caravan is now empty and clean and down in the shed. I was amazed how much stuff came out of the caravan and also how long it took me to clean it! There are endless little nooks and crannies in there!! Some wonderful, wonderful memories in there too! I got a little sad cleaning it out for the final time.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Presentation Day at Dubbo

We arrive home in time to make it to the Dubbo School of Distance Education Presentation Day. It was lovely for the girls to receive recognition for all the hard work they'd put into school. They each received a class certificate and Claire was also presented with a special award for Literacy Achievement.
We were excited to catch up with The Parkers again and we got to meet the girl's teachers. It was a strange experience meeting the teachers as we had only ever spoken to them over the phone and never met them. Once we worked out who they were, we had a great chat and it meant a lot to the girls and I to connect with who we'd been speaking to each week. They were lovely teachers and really cared about the girls. Claire is with Mrs White, Lucy with Ms Dwarte and Bridget with Mrs Dugan.