Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Heading to the North West of Tasmania.

 We take the coastal road and enjoy the gorgeous scenery as we head up north.  There are lots of little coastal towns.  We stop at Penguin and camped just down from here at a great free camp right on the coast.  A train line was right next to us, but thankfully the train only went through at 8pm and then again at 7am.

 The next day, the weather turned cold again.  It was a maximum of 14 degrees!!  We had a look around at a few more towns and kept moving towards the coast.  The forest was so close to the coast.  We kept changing from driving along the coast to driving through gorgeous lush forests.

We arrive at another free oceanfront camp site.  We are now right on the West Coast.  The sun comes out for a while and the girls put their swimmers on.  The water is so cold, but they can't resist splashing around a bit.  We play a bit of cricket to warm up.
When we woke up the next morning, it was lovely and sunny.  I make the most of it with a run along the beach and the girls head down for an explore once they wake up.  We are still getting used to it being light at 9:30pm.  The girls are going to bed much later and therefore sleeping in the next morning.  I'm glad the caravan blocks out all the light as the sun is still up early in the morning.  It makes the days very long.

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