Sunday, March 30, 2014

Devils Marbles

 We camped at the Devils Marbles so we could see them at sunrise and sunset.  The sun on the rocks first thing in the morning and late evening is just beautiful!
After dinner and showers we grabbed our pillows (for comfort) and sheets (for protection from mozzies) and laid down outside to watch the stars.  It was a fantastic thing to do with the whole family.  At the Devils Marbles we are a long way from a town, so there were no lights around and the the stars shone brightly.  While star gazing I was reminded of two things.  One, how great and majestic my God is! And two, Lucy needs to learn how to 'be still'.  She was either chatting away or wriggling around.  She cannot be calm and still for more than a few seconds :)  But it was very special as I saw with her her first shooting stars!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

From Kings Canyon through the West MacDonnell Ranges

 We decide to drive the dirt road that links Alice Springs to Kings Canyon via West MacDonnell Ranges.  Chris asked heaps of people what the road was like and most people said it was 'OK', 'Not too bad'.
It was ok and not too bad, but we're very glad it was no longer than 150 or so kms and we were also really glad to be back on tar road again!!  Of course the caravan was full of red dust again!!
 This is one of my favourite lookouts in the West MacDonnell Ranges.  It's just past Glen Helen Gorge.
 We enjoyed a swim at Glen Helen Gorge.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Kings Canyon

 From Uluru, we travelled around to Kings Canyon.  We loved the rim walk around Kings Canyon and were keen to do it again.  It was a hot day and we were glad we didn't start the walk any later than we did.
 Check out the blue sky!!! Amazing!
 This is one of the lookouts over the canyon.  We walk along one side and then right around the canyon to the other side.

 We are now around the other side of the canyon.  This is the classic Kings Canyon photo!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Climbing Uluru

 We had the chance to climb Uluru again so we took it.  It was closed most of the time we were there due to high temperatures and strong winds.  It was open on our last morning and up we went!!
 We all had our flynets on so we weren't swatting flies and our hands were free to hold on. It is such a steep climb up and we had plenty of breaks to catch our breath.
 The steepest part is over and the girls take a break!!
 Still climbing up and walking along the top right to the middle.
 We made it to the top!!  A great feeling!  The Olgas are in the background.
 The girls went really well.  It is not an easy climb, but we found it a lot easier than a few years ago when we did it.  It is all worth it when you get to the top.

 This is right at the top of Uluru.  Proof that we made it.
 And now the climb back down.  We took it pretty easy and enjoyed the views as we went.
 One of the views on the way back down.

YAY!!!! We made it and are all back on the ground.  Such a great feeling!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

ULURU at sunrise

 Last time we were at Uluru we went to see the sunrise, but unfortunately it was cloudy and the sun never came through.  We thought we'd try again and this time it was a beautiful clear morning.  It was also a very cold morning.  The girls were rugged up and still a little sleepy and I had goosebumps and a coffee (very much needed).

Family shot - sunrise at Uluru

We visited the camel farm at Ayers Rock Resort.  The girls remembered feeding the camels last time and wanted to do it again.

ULURU at sunset

ULURU sunset 1
ULURU sunset 2

ULURU sunset 3

 My gorgeous girls at sunset.  What a wonderful place to be as the sun sets.  It is so beautiful sitting there watching the rock change colours 
Claire and Lucy had a great view of Uluru from up here as the sun sets behind them.  They also decide to do a little bit of art and sketch Uluru

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Olgas - Kata Tjuta

We really love the Red Centre of Australia.  It's a very special place with some amazing sights to feast your eyes on.  Our first day here we head to The Olgas.  First we do a walk that we haven't done before to Walpa Gorge.
 Walpa Gorge
 After Walpa Gorge we decide to do the Valley of the Winds circuit.  Last time we went to the second lookout, this time we did the whole 7.4km circuit.  It was stunning.
 The Olgas
 The Flies vs The Smiths
With these groovy flynets, The Smiths win today!

After both walks we had walked 10kms this morning.  Time to head back for a swim in the pool and a rest.  Oh and a bit of school work too!