Monday, June 28, 2010

Needless to say...we have loved Broome. Not only is it a beautiful place, but we have made new friends and enjoyed a great time of fellowship with the people from Broome Anglican. It's exciting to see the bible taught faithfully in the north west of WA.
Cooking the snags on the back of the ute as the sun goes down over Broome.
Not a bad way to end our time in Broome. Cable beach really did deliver on the sunsets. Just amazing!!
I have great memories of playing french cricket on the beach from my childhood. It's still great fun!!!
Enjoying cheese and wine as the sunsets on Cable Beach. The beach is packed with 4WD's all doing the same thing. It's another one of those 'must do's' in Broome.

This is Claire and Stacey. While in Broome we stayed out on Stacey's farm. She loves her horses and gave all the girls a ride.
Soooo exciting!! I'm riding a horse!
Bridget enjoyed a horse ride too!
Fun times!! The girls had a great time mucking around with David and Mark. We stayed out on their farm while we were in Broome.
The girls enjoying the sun and sand on Cable beach.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We had an awesome morning on Cable Beach riding the camels! This is Lazy Daisy. He (yes, he) is an ex racing camel. Bridget and Chris rode him.
We were really impressed with the people running the camel rides. They were really informative and friendly and we got a great deal with kids riding for free!
We enjoyed the camel ride even more than we thought we would. It's just the 'thing to do' in Broome!
They walked us up the beach and then back down next to the water.
Cool shadows. It was so relaxing strolling along beside the water!
What a way to spend the morning in cool!
Broome Anglican church. This is where we have been doing work while staying in Broome. This church was built in 1903 and is Heritage listed. It's age and the climate means constant maintenance and repairs.
Chris hard at work!! As the church is so old there were lots of little jobs needing to be done. They really appreciated Chris's skills and efffort.
Sunset at Gantheaume Point. Everywhere you go here along the coast at sunset is just stunning. It's a great mix with the red cliffs, blue sea and numerous shades of pinks, oranges and purple in the sunset. We stand in awe of God's creation!
Nice photo're turning into a good little photographer!!
It was such a beautiful setting and the perfect time of day for photos so I thought I'd take a few portrait shots of the girls. (Reddell Beach-Broome)
Claire doesn't enjoy having her photo taken so I was lucky to get a smile out of her here. She still loves to wear her flowergirl headband!
It must have ben a little humid today. Lucy's hair was really curly.
Spectacular red cliffs right on the beach (Reddell Beach)
We spent Sunday arvo exploring more sights in Broome. This is down at the Port of Broome. We walked out the long jetty and watched the fisherman. We spotted a huge stingray swimming around under the jetty.
Lucy has enjoyed having a playmate in Broome. Here we are celebrating Isobel's birthday with a butterfly cake.
Here are the Mildenhall's. Tim is the minister of the Anglican church here in Broome where we have been doing some work for them. We have enjoyed their hospitality having numerous yummy meals with them.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Exploring north of Broome- June

We decided to explore north of Broome, so packed our camping gear in the ute and drove off. It wasn't long before we hit dirt road and were on it for nearly 100kms. The next 100kms was back to tar before we reached One Arm Ponit. We also dropped in to Cape Leveque before driving to Middle Lagoon to camp the night.
This church is at Beagle Bay. It was a huge church for such a small community in the middle of no where. Inside was just beautiful. They had used shells to decorate the floors and walls in the church.
Would you believe that this was our camp site for the night? The girls kept asking "How do they know our name?" and "How did they know there are 5 in our family?" HaHa
This was our camp spot at Middle Lagoon. It was a strange feeling being in a tent after so long in a caravan. It wasn't too bad and we all had a good nights sleep!
This is Middle Lagoon where we camped the night. A beautiful spot north of Broome where the locals go. After travelling on a rough dirt road for 100kms we were shocked to see caravans up here. We were very glad we left ours behind.
The girls enjoyed exploring everything in the touch pool at the Hatchery. Claire is holding a pencil sea urchin. It was moving around on her hand.
We visited a hatchery at On Arm Point. One Arm Point is about 220kms north of Broome on the Dampier Peninsula. The Hatchery is a working aquaculture centre where fish, Trochus shells and other marine life are bred and released back into nature.
Watching the tide rush in at One Arm Point. This place has the second largest tide movement in Australia. If you're on the beach you can actually see it coming in and going back out before your eyes. From this lookout it was like a rushing river..amazing!
Enjoying the warm and beautifully clear water at One Arm Point. We have to keep reminding ourselves that this is winter (no woolly jumpers for us this year).
Lucy enjoying the new water park down at Town Beach. Some of the locals thought us strange to be letting our children play in the water at this time of year...yes it's winter but it's also 31 degress!!!!
Kicking back and relaxing at the Sun Pictures in Broome. It's the oldest outdoor cinema in Australia. We loved the atmosphere of lying back on deck chairs under the stars as we watched a movie on the big screen. To add to the atmosphere planes took off from the airport just behind the cinema and roared over our heads (only twice). It was really cool!!!
Here we are with Doug, the driver of the extraordinary taxi. For those who didn't hear about the 'extraordinary taxi ride' it was a way of promoting WA tourism. People all over the world followed this taxi ride as Doug drove various tourists around WA for 9 weeks. It was followed by Sunrise and the 7pm project. His final destination was here in Broome.
A fun afternoon at Cable Beach. The 'taxi' arrived here for its final stop and we joined in with the festivities.

Friday, June 18, 2010

While in Broome, we thought we should find out about the pearling industry. Here we read all about the history and out at Willie Creek we found out about how they farm pearls. It's so interesting how they are formed..all from a grain of sand!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jess and Mark's Wedding- Palm Cove-June 2010

Here are some photos of our time away in Palm Cove. We had such a fantastic time and loved every minute of our time spent with family and of course celebrating with Jess and Mark!!! We will treasure the memories and were glad to be part of such a special time. Enjoy the photos, it was so hard to know which ones to put in as I took nearly 300!!!
Very exciting!!! This is the start of our trip to Jess and Mark's wedding. We caught a plane from Broome to Darwin and then Darwin to Cairns. The girls just giggled and giggled as the plane sped up to take off and were shouting we're flying, we're flying!! Everything about the trip was exciting for them!
We spent part of the night in Darwin Airport as we had to check-in for our flight to Cairns at 3am!! The girls were amazing to be able to sleep in an airport that comes alive at night with flights constantly coming in and out. There were people everywhere and the voice over the loud speaking never stopped!!! Chris and I got about 15mins sleep, while the girls managed about 5 hours.
Enjoying some sister time and some pampering. What a great afternoon.....sitting back, sipping champagne and having our nails done!!!
The girls chilling out and enjoying Palm Cove. Resting up before the Big Day!
The proud mother of the bride!
The proud father of the bride. Both of them were very relaxed and taking it all in their stride!
This is the last of his daughters to walk down the ailse!
On the balcony of Jess's apartment before the ceremony. This is just the start of the photo's!! Aunty Jess and her 5 beautiful nieces! Us Mum's were already in trouble from the photographer for being in the way..ooops!
The stunning 'girl side' of the Bridal Party. All the colours went together so beautifully. I know my girls will never forget sharing in this special day! They had so much fun.
The ceremony was just beautiful. In this gorgeous little chapel, looking out over Palm Cove and with a cool tropical breeze blowing. How stunning does everyone look?
My dad, brothers and sister (except Jess of course). How did I get all the short genes????