Sunday, January 26, 2014


 From Wineglass Bay, we continued up the beautiful North East Coastline to St Helens and set up camp out at the Bay of Fires.  The Bay of Fires is a stunning strip of coastline with free camping all along it.  It's hard to believe you can stay at a place so beautiful and be so close to the beach and it costs you nothing!
 We probably turned up at the Bay of Fires at one of the busiest camping times in the year.  It was Australia Day long weekend and it was very hard to find a spot to camp.  Fortunately, we met some guys in town while we were filling up water who were camped out there and they said there was room right near them. We stayed for a couple of nights.  Monday night was much quieter as a lot of people left after the weekend.
After church on Australia Day we had a walk around St Helens.  We even scored a free 'snag sanga' and lamington!!
 Here are a few snap shots around this amazing coastline.  You really have to see it to believe it!  The camera doesn't fully capture the full extent of the beauty I was looking at.  I wanted to keep this image in my mind forever and not forget just how stunning it was!
 The colour of the water is like that at a tropical island, the sand is so white and the red on the rocks makes it something that you don't see anywhere else. The orange/red colour on these granite rocks comes from lichen.
The only down side is that the water is freezing and some places aren't so friendly for swimming.  The waves were 'dumpers' in most spots.  Once you were in, you got used to the cold water after a while.

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