Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mt Wellington and the Cadbury Factory

 This is the view from the top of Mt Wellington as it looks over Hobart.  It was soooo windy and soooo freezing up here.  Sometimes the mountain is covered in cloud and you can't see anything.  Huge clouds were rolling in behind us and it was starting to spit, but we were still able to see fairly clearly.

Cadbury Factory - Claremont

 Unfortunately, the Cadbury factory no longer runs tours through the factory.  We paid a small admission fee and got a little bag of goodies on the way in (chocolate of course) and listened to a short talk and dvd on the chocolate making process.  We then headed into the shop and started shopping!!!  I think I scored the best deal of the day with 1.35kg of hazelnut blocks of chocolate for $5 !!
 We ordered hot chocolates from the cafe.  The had containers full of dark, milk and white chocolate shavings.  You could choose which you wanted and they made your hot chocolate.  It was very delicious and tasted as though you were just drinking melted chocolate.
 The chocolate has affected the girls already!!!!

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