Friday, January 24, 2014

Douglas-Apsley National Park

 We planned on doing the Wineglass Bay walk today, but when we woke up it was overcast.  We knew it wouldn't be the same without the sun out, so we decided to go to Douglas-Apsley National Park and walk to the gorge.  It was a 3 hour return hike up over the mountain and down the gorge.
 We arrived at the gorge and the girls had fun exploring the area and walking under waterfalls.
 Instead of going back up over the mountain on the return journey, we decided to' rock hop' down the gorge.  The girls thought it was a great adventure!! There were places we thought we were stuck and would have to turn back unless we swam through  the water.  We had to scramble up and over rocks, but we made it back down the gorge.
At the end of the gorge was this waterhole.  It was very refreshing, but we enjoyed cooling off!!
On our way back to the caravan we stopped off in the town of Bicheno and went down to the blowhole to check it out.

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