Saturday, January 18, 2014


 The Apple Aisle!!  This is a cool display of apples at the Apple Museum.  Just down the road from here we stopped at a roadside fruit stall and picked up apples for $1.50/kg.  They were the sweetest, juiciest apples I've ever tasted!!

 Salamanca Markets

We heard it was THE thing to do on a Saturday morning in Hobart.  We were staying out at the showground and caught a bus into the city. It was easy to find because we just had to follow the crowds!!  It was so busy and huge!!!   
 When we could stand the crowds no longer, we picked up some local apple cider, ginger beer and strawberries and headed to the park.

 We had heard the Museum and Art gallery was very good, so we spent our afternoon there.  There were lots of things to see and do which captured the girls attention.

 Art was not so much our thing, so the girls had fun trying to do an impersonation of this painting.
 Our last part of the day we spent walking around the harbour.

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