Monday, January 6, 2014

Tasmania! Yummy food, green and cold!!

Once arriving in Devonport, we drove just 10mins to Graham and Gloria Scott's.  They are friends from Mobile Mission Maintenance who we worked with in North Queensland.  We will stay a few days and chat about the MMM projects and when they start.

Our very first experience of Tasmania was wind and cold weather.  I have already got out all our winter gear I packed and put some summer clothes away.  We knew to expect all seasons down here in Tassie, but it was still a shock when we were putting jeans and jumpers on and grabbing more blankets for our beds!!
The Scott's told us about some local places to visit and as soon as they mentioned the words chocolate, cheese and berries we were planning our day already!  First stop was the chocolate factory.  We tasted some delicious fudge!

 Next stop was the Cherry Shed.  There was cherry everything !! We decided to try the cherry and raspberry sorbets.  Even though we were freezing and in jumpers, it still tasted good.

Next stop was tasting some Tasmanian cheese.  Both Bridget and I love cheese and enjoyed the many samples.  I think we went around the sample table quite a few times!!  No need for lunch!

Then it was on to a raspberry farm where we enjoyed chocolate coated raspberries! Yum!!

Our day kept extending as we followed our way through the beautiful green hills and valleys in search of yummy local produce.  We drove back home through Sheffield.  We parked right outside a shop called 'World of Marbles'.  The girls loved it!!!  They had some huge and complicated marble runs.

And I thought the girls wouldn't get much chance to practise piano while we travelled!  This piano was on the street with a sign saying 'don't be shy, sit down and play'.

Sheffield is known for it's beautiful murals all around the town.  We walked the streets and enjoyed looking at all the artwork.  Some of them were just amazing!!

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