Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Snaps Around Kununurra

We've been in Kununurra for just over 5 weeks now. Here are some photos of places we've visited in and around Kununurra. We're still enjoying our time here and the house Chris is building is coming along well. We've made some lovely new friends and feel right at home here. It's getting very hot with the days around 36-38 degrees. Locals tell us it will most likely stay like that now. Thank goodness we have airconditioning in the caravan!
This is us driving across the Ivanhoe Crossing. It was a little bit scary. The water was pretty high, the road wasn't marked all that well and there were crocs in there!
I just love the Ord river (which you can tell by how many photos I've taken of it).
It was a special time having Andrew and Barbara with us in Kununurra for 10 days or so.We enjoyed spending the afternoon at the Zebra Rock Gallery. We bought a bag of zebra rock and will sand it back, polish it up and make some nice pieces of jewellery out of it.
Feeding the hungry catfish out at the Zebra Rock Gallery. One of these catfish is looking very flash in Pa's sunglasses that fell in the water when he was looking at the fish...ooops!
Looking out over the Ord river at sunset from the diversion dam wall. Kununurra is a beautiful place to spend a few months.
The Pear family from Canberra. We had a great time getting to know this lovely family. We will stay in touch and visit them in Canberra sometime.
Bridget and Annaliese became good mates in their week together and enjoyed each others company.
Some locals let us know about this lovely swimming hole called Molly Springs. It was a real treat on a really hot day!
We took the morning off and went to see Lake Argyle. It was amazing! So much water. I think they say it's 21 times the size of Sydney Harbour.


Happy Birthday Claire. After thinking you wouldn't be able to have a cake or a party because of our travelling, you were lucky enough to have both. It was special to share it with Grandma and Pa and some lovely new friends.
Having a fun party with her new Kununurra friends down by the river. It was lots of fun.
Chris took his Mum and Dad and Bridget and Claire to Wyndham for the day. Here's Bridget standing by the BIG crocodile.
We had a tour on the Mock's Sandlewood Farm. It was fascinating to see how this tree grows and also the process of extracting the oil. Here we're checking out a crop of chia.
Enjoying a drink at the Pumphouse in Kununurra overlooking the Ord River.
Enjoying another gorgeous sunset over the Ord river with Andrew and Barbara.
Going for a bushwalk with Grandma and Pa. This was at 8am and we were already dripping with sweat. Another hot day!
Mirima National Park. Some beautiful scenery right on the doorstep of Kununurra. The views up here overlook the town of Kununurra and The Kimberley.

Update on the House

We got back from Fiji and were right back into it. I spoke at the children's ministry day at church and taught Sunday school for a few weeks and the container had arrived with the house. Chris was straight into building. It's hot and sweaty work with the temperature in the high 30's everyday!!
It's amazing to watch the progress. It seems to go up so quickly. Looking good.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Doug and Amy's Wedding -Plantation Island-FIJI

The time has come for family wedding number two. This time we fly to Fiji for Doug and Amy's wedding. We leave our van in Kununurra and drive to Darwin to catch the plane. Again we have the most amazing time and spend a fun filled week with family!! It seems so surreal to think of all we've done this year!
We're ready for a fun week in Fiji! The girls couldn't wait to see their cousins again and couldn't decide what to do first. There was just fun thing after fun thing after fun thing to choose from!!

A family photo- Sunset -Plantation Island
A boat trip out to the reef with Gran to do some snorkelling.
You are two very spoit girls. We've done some amazing snorkelling this year and this was right up there with them!
What a beautiful spot to snorkle. This colours and variety of the fish was just amazing.
Wow we've seen some amazing sunsets this year. It's always a gorgeous time of the day and made even better by sitting around with family sipping cocktails!
Nice pose girls! They had a great kids club on Plantation Island and the girls had a ball painting t-shirts, making coconut boats and necklaces and particularly learning a Fijian dance and showing us at the concert.
What a way to spend a morning......kayaking around the island. It was just so beautiful and peaceful. Bridget persisted and ended up being a pro paddler!
YeeHah!!! A fun banana ride with my sisters and Bridget and Claire. It was heaps of fun! And of course I had to tip everyone off! I just couldn't resist falling into the beautiful clear blue waters of Fiji!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Pretty dresses on, flower in hair, necklaces on, bit of lippy......must be wedding time!!
What a way to make an entrance!! It looked awesome as Amy was carried down the beach.
Happy little flowergirls ! Their official duties are all over now. Time to sit back and enjoy!

The girls with their Uncle Dougy! Happy Wedding Day!
Lucy relaxing with Pop and Nan. It was so special having family around for the week.
What a gorgeous location for a wedding! We loved sharing your day with you Doug and Amy.

According to my girls, a wedding's not complete without a good boogie! No matter how tired they are, they come alive when the music starts and dance the night away!!
The day after the wedding, Doug and Amy jumped off the pontoon in their wedding clothes. I wasn't sure what would happen to the gorgeous wedding dress, but gee, the photos looked good!!!!
What every little girl hold the train of a beautiful bride.
They loved to follow their Aunty Amy around!
The girls spent a lot of time on this slippery dip with their cousin Jazzy.
So much fun!! They never seemed to tire of going up and down, up and down...
After the wedding the girls had their hair braided. It looks really cool.
What a way to finish off a great week....drinks on the beach with family as the sun goes down. Sooooo spoilt!!