Monday, January 20, 2014

Remarkable Cave

 We decide to do a day trip down towards Port Arthur.  After chatting to some people where we're staying we decided not to pay the $80 to go into the Port Arthur historic site.  Chris and I had both been there before and we were told about another convict settlement site nearby which was excellent to see also and was free.  We drove along the coast and followed a sign to Remarkable Cave.  The coastline was so rugged and absolutely stunning.
 Remarkable Cave was fantastic.  We walked in and explored.  We had to watch the water carefully as it rushed in and out of the cave.
 These are the little treasures you find when you head off the main tourist track!  We loved it.

 We found out it was called Remarkable Cave because of it's remarkable resemblance to the shape of Tasmania (as you can see in the photo above)
More beautiful, rugged coastline.

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