Saturday, January 11, 2014


We have had a very busy 5 days on the road and decide to slow down and stay in the one spot for a couple of days.  Strahan is the perfect spot to do that.  We decide to book into a caravan park for 2 nights and enjoy long, hot showers (it's been awhile), a washing machine and even a bit of 'screen time'.
We walk through town and the girls find a lolly shop.Then we head out to Hogarth Falls.  None of us really felt like a walk as we were all tired and sore from all the walks the last few days, but we decide to go anyway.  The mozzies were biting once again, so we ran most of the 40min return walk.  It was a pretty falls at the end though!
Just out of Strahan are the Henty sand dunes.  We borrowed toboggans from the caravan park and had some fun!!  It was a fun ride down, but boy the walk back up to the top of the hill was tough!!  The girls went many more times than Chris and I.

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