Friday, January 31, 2014


 We have arrived in Launceston and there were a few things we wanted to see or were told we should see.  The first stop was the QVMAG.  It was a museum which featured the Phenomena Factory.  This was an interactive science centre full of hands on activities.  We had great fun in there! Bridget is using thongs to play a tune on the pipes and Lucy is using pedal power to try and get the lights to light up.  There was a perception tunnel, optical illusions and much more!
 From the museum we went and visited the Mobile Mission Maintenance base which is here in Launceston.  The managers have only just taken over and so we went to meet them over a cuppa.
 Also on our list was the city park to see the monkeys and also Cataract Gorge.  It's amazing that this gorge is right there in amongst the city of Launceston. It was a popular spot and the perfect spot to end the day with a swim.

 The Tamar River looking down into the city.

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