Friday, January 10, 2014

Cradle Mountain - AMAZING!!!

We drive into Cradle Mountain for the day.  I was keen to do a big walk and we decided on one that took us about 4 hours and involved lots of climbing up and down mountains.  But it was all worth it!  It was breathtaking!!  

   This is where our walk started and we were heading to those mountains in the background.
 After about half an hour, the scenery dramatically changed as we headed through a rainforest with a waterfall beside us.
 It was lovely and cool in here and just beautiful.
 We walked out of the rainforest part and the scenery changed yet again.  We arrived at Crater Lake.  We walked around the corner, out of the bush and this was the scene before us. Wow!!!
We were loving this walk and stayed here a while to enjoy the view before continuing on.
 While walking through this beautiful part of creation, I was thinking of Psalm 19....'The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

 We walk up a steep summit and are greeted with a view of Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake.  All that hard work was worth it.  We stay and have a bite to eat (lighten the load of our backpacks) before making the climb back down.
Bridget on the way back down.  Still smiling after the hard climb!!
 The walk ends at Dove Lake.  We take the classic Cradle Mountain photo at the boat shed.
We are exhausted after a huge day.  We think we'll come back for another day trip when we are back in Devonport.

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