Thursday, January 30, 2014

Beaconsfield Mine and Seahorse World- Tamar valley

 Today we are off for a school excursion (well two actually).  The first one is Beaconsfield Mine.
 We spend a few hours looking through here and the girls loved it!  There were so many displays that were hands on and allowed you to pan for gold, turn cranks to start the waterwheel, try on wigs and step back in time.
 This tunnel here where the girls are going in has a small opening when you stand up in there.  It shows the area that the the two men were trapped in back in 2006.  It was interesting reading all the information and media coverage from this disaster.  The mine is no longer in operation stopping about 18 months ago due to 'economics.'
 Our second excursion was to Seahorse World.  We were all excited about this one and keen to see and find out about this strange creature!
 Here the girls are feeding the baby seahorse.  Apparently they are very fussy eaters and will only eat live food.  They are being fed sea monkeys.
 There were so many of them. They can have up to 400 babies in one go.  Only 2-3% of these survive in the wild, but here at Seahorse World over 90% survive.  They sell these seahorses to pet shops all over Australia.
 The girls loved the 'touch pool'.  They were able to get hands on and pick up starfish, hermit crabs and even hold a seahorse!!

 They also had these beautiful, yet strange looking sea dragons.  It was great to just watch these amazing creatures just swimming around.

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