Wednesday, April 28, 2010

At Kalbarri, watching another sunset over the ocean. This time we spoilt ourselves with fish and chips. We put our feet up and enjoyed. I am loving this place. I've added it to my highlights list!!
These grass trees were all up and down this road. We love them. They're so different and look fantastic.
If you took away the heat and the flies, I could have sat here all day. The Z bend in Kalbarri National Park.
Here's one to scare the grandparents!! Their poor dad wasn't coping too well either. They just love to climb, but don't think of the extreme heights
of some places.
Nature's window was a very popular spot. There were tourists from around Australia and overseas all lining up waiting to have their photo taken in the window.
This is Nature's window at Kalbarri National Park.
This view was even better than it looks. We set our chairs up here and had cheese and wine. Aahhh! How good can it get??
This is at a caravan park in Kalbarri. There is no camping in the national park and although we've avoided caravan parks as much as we can, we were quite happy to park ourselves here!!
Kalbarri is absoutely gorgeous. You have a town on the beach and right behind is the national park with beautiful gorges.
The girls are doing their school work by the beach. We're at Jurien Bay, a small town with a beautiful foreshore. Not a bad spot for school!!!
Even though Chris and I have been here before, it was still worth the trip in. We did a walk through them first and then hopped in the car and did the drive. Stunning!
Heading up the coast we stopped in at the Pinnacles. They are just magnificant. The girls had fun playing hide and seek!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

From left to right this is Anthony (WA MMM manager), Harley, Tim and Chris. They were doing some work for Harley. Harley's a pastor of an Aboriginal church. Chatting over lunch, they were suprised how many people they both knew. It's a small world.
From left to right this is Craig, June and Murray. They are the managers of Wattle Grove Christian Campsite. We were so glad to have met them and do work for them, they are just so lovely and we'll remember our time with them with a smile!!

The girls enjoying the boats at Fremantle. Gorgeous place and obviously popular for weddings. We saw 6, just on our walk back to the train station.
We were in Perth the same time as the Red Bull air race was on, so we just had to go in and watch. It was a great atmosphere with the foreshore packed with people. It was a buzz just to be there watching the planes overhead.
Bridget and Claire had a great time on the flying fox and Wattle Grove campsite.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Chris and Tim back on the tools at Wattle Grove Christian campsite. We were just staying here for 2 nights while we waited for the MMM rep to get back from holidays. They needed work done here so we stayed the week and helped out. We will move to a different location in Perth over the weekend and spend next week working for MMM.

While the rain came down, we spent the afternoon in the museum. It's amazing how many free things you can find to do in the city. The girls really enjoy looking around museums. They particularly liked the butterfly display in this one!
Here we are in Kings Park looking out over the city. It's a beautiful park and very big. We had a nice walk through it and could have spent longer but the clouds were building up and getting heavy.
Snuggle Pot, Cuddle Pie and our own little gumnut babies.

A view back over Perth from the Bell Tower, with the Perth Wheel in the background.
Claire and Lucy looking out over Perth as we go up, up,up on the Perth Wheel. The kids were able to get a 'Kid's city pass' which gave us discounts all over the city and this wheel was one of them!!
This is the lovely family who opened their home to us in Busselton.
Down at the beach in Busselton, jumping off the smaller jetty. It was a lovely warm day and the kids were keen for a swim. It was just beautiful down there.
Here we are in Busselton. All the kids are keen and ready for a ride to the beach. Amazingly we made it there without an accident!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We are now in Busselton staying with a family we met camping over the Easter weekend. They offered for us to drop by and we took them up on the offer. They are extremely generous and hospitable and we feel like we've known them for a long time. The guys are going to do some building work for them, so we may be here for a couple of days. It's an answer to prayer for us in so many ways!!
We spent the day tasting Margaret River. The samples in this chocolate factory were quite generous. After only buying a coffee, we came out chocka block full of chocolate!!! We also tasted delicious cheeses and nuts. Yum! A good day
We are now making the trip up the coast towards Perth. There are lots of huge, amazing caves in this area. We decided to explore Lake Cave. It was spectacular. We had a big climb in and out but the cave was worth it.
This is what we were driving through all around Pemberton. Beautiful, big old trees.
This is Bridget and I up at the first safe level! It was as far as we dared to go in the rain.
Bridget and I climbed part way up this 75metre high tree. Between each rung there is nothing, so one little slip and that's it. It was rainy, which made it slippery and more scary. Our hearts were beating very fast, but we obviously both love the adrenilan rush!!

Poor little Lucy wasn't coping with all the walks. So she was more than happy with the Daddy's shoulders option!
Standing in front of a huge Tingle Tree. The weather was rainy like this all over Easter.
We are now in the lush, green, big tree area. This is near Walpole in the Valley of the Giants. We did the Tree Top Walk. These bridges go right up through the tops of the huge trees. As you can see Lucy wasn't worried about the huge drop below!
Getting dirty in the 'kitchen' making homemade pasta. Mmm. I got the pasta machine for a Christmas present and was keen to give it a try. It worked so well and was lots of fun and of course delicious!!
Here we are in a Woolworths carpark drying our washing!! The things you do!! It's amazing how casual you get and do whatever you have to do to have dry washing. It's gets hard when you're moving everyday day, or when there's rain.
Wave Rock. We did a few hundred km detour to go and see this rock, but it was worth it. Amazing!
Lucy and I 'surf' Wave Rock. This place was so cool. It was really nice to walk around and check out this amazing rock.