Saturday, January 25, 2014

Freycinet National Park - Wineglass Bay- So beautiful!!

 It was a great decision to wait a day and do this walk up to Wineglass Bay lookout and down to the beach when the sun was shining.  We wouldn't have seen any of this gorgeous colour in the water yesterday.  It is obviously a very popular walk.  It was very crowded up at the lookout.
 I'm glad we had recovered from yesterdays walk into the gorge, because today was another 3 hour walk!  The girls are great walkers and cope really well with the mountains.  They are also sleeping very well at night after these big walking days!!
 It was absolutely beautiful down at Wineglass Bay.  A white sandy beach and crystal clear blue waters!!
 The view of Wineglass Bay from up at the lookout.
Wineglass Bay is definitely one of our highlights in Tasmania!  We all enjoyed the walk and soaking up the view of a gorgeous bay!
After the walk we were driving back and spotted this beautiful view.  The perfect place to stop and have lunch!!  We had just climbed one of those mountains in the background.

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