Wednesday, January 22, 2014


 We got up bright and early ready for a full day on Bruny Island.  We caught the 7:45am ferry over from Kettering (45mins from Hobart) to North Bruny Island.  The trip only took about 20mins.
 Our first stop was here at 'The Neck'.  The thin stretch of land you see in the background is all that joins North and South Bruny.
 Lucy at 'The Neck'.  As you can see from the jeans and jumper, it was pretty cold.  We had our heater on in the morning and our air conditioner on in the afternoon!!

 We had morning tea at Adventure Bay (South Bruny).
 This rugged coastline is further down south at Cloudy Bay.  It was very windy and very cold.
 The Cape Bruny lighthouse.  We walked up and had a look around. This was further south than where we were last week.  That makes this place the most southern point in Australia for us!
On our way back up to North Bruny it is warm enough for the girls to swim.  They jump at the chance!  Chris and I watch on......(still too cold).  The water is beauitful and clear.

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