Thursday, January 16, 2014

Way Down South

 We have driven down to Southport which is about as far south as you can drive.  It was a lovely drive, although windy (everywhere in Tasmania has windy roads).  There were nice little towns like Huonville and Geeveston.  The colour of the water was absolutely beautiful and the sand was really white.


We went on a guided tour through the Newdegate Cave.  It is one of the largest dolomite caves in the Southern Hemisphere.  The cave is a wide, open, multi-levelled cave with hall-like passages leading to large chambers delicately decorated with crystal straws and stalacites.

It was beautiful!!!


 We camped here at the Tahune Airwalk.  For some reason it was cheaper for us to camp here the night and have our admission included than it would have been just to pay for admission.  It made no sense, but we saved money!!  The Tahune Airwalk was like the Valley of the Giants in WA.  You were able to walk up with the huge trrees.
 At the end of the walk was this cantilever.  It stretched right out over the Huon river.  It wobbled a fair bit when we walked out, but the sign assured us it could hold the weight of 12 baby elephants.  I think we were safe!!  It was a great view from up there.

 This was the view up and down the HUON RIVER from the tip of the cantilever.

On the walk back we crossed some swinging bridges.  The girls were told to give them a good swing when they crossed.  They certainly did that!!!  I could barely walk across it rocked so much!

 Eagle Hang Gliding

We thought this looked great fun, so the girls spent some of their holiday money and had a go at hang gliding.
Claire is getting all strapped up.  This guy could do it with his eyes closed.  You could tell he'd done it many times before.  Chris went first and then the rest of us followed.
 Bridget is hooked on and ready to go.
 Lucy is all smiles as she takes off.  The cable pulls you over the Huon River and way up into the trees on the other side.

 Once you reach the top it stops and leaves you hanging for a while.  Then it lets go and you come gliding back down through the trees and across the river,  FUN!!!
 I went last and was surprised just how high up it went and how vulnerable you felt with nothing around you.  It gave a jerk as it released from the top and I can tell you that I was holding on tight to that bar.  I thought the girls were extremely brave to do it and not 'freak out'!!

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