Monday, June 2, 2014

Work, work and more work

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     From the moment we arrived in Kununurra right up to the day we left, Chris was busy!  The church had quite a few jobs lined up for Chris before we arrived and once he'd finished them, they kept coming up with more and more jobs for him to do.  It was great to be able to help them out in so many ways.

 One of the first jobs he had to do was set, gyprock, paint and tile a toilet area.  This gave the church a second toilet outside.

Then he finished off the kitchen (pictured here).  95% of the kitchen was done before we arrived and Chris finished off the last 5%.  This included putting in the kickboards, tiling, filling in the tops of the cupboards and a few other jobs.

The outside toilet is now ready for use.

 Another job was to make a new exit.  There was a window here and Chris opened it up to a doorway.  He also took out all the old air conditioning units from inside and gyprocked them up.  He did this so well that no one even noticed they were gone.  An ugly brown unit was pulled out and now it is a blank wall.

 Chris also pulled out the tiles in the inside toilet area and re-tiled the whole floor.  In the minister's (Gary and Nikki's) home he pulled out their existing shower and replaced it with a bath/shower which was more practical for their young family.  He also helped widen a gate in their backyard and helped put in a new gate for a side entrance.

The new bath/shower unit

Chris helping Rob widen the gate.

There were many more big and small odd jobs around the church that Chris did.  They were even coming up with more jobs the day before we were leaving and said they were already writing a list for the next time we visit!!

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