Saturday, June 7, 2014

Church Camp

 We had decided to stay in Kununurra until after their church camp.  It was a very different church camp to any we'd been on.  It was held about an hour away at Parry's Creek Lagoon.  This is a campground, so everyone takes their own camping gear and sets up for the weekend.  The campground was fairly quite with not a lot of tourists around.
It felt like we had the whole area to ourselves.  We had our sessions times under the marquees and also set up tables and chairs there for mealtimes.  It worked really well.  The only downside is that you have to take everything!
 It was a very relaxed camp with plenty of time to sit around and chat with people.  The kids enjoyed a bonfire at night.
 I organised and ran the children's program for the weekend.  I borrowed and adapted a program from a friend and it worked really well.  Chris came along and helped me out.  We had roughly 20 kids aged 4-12.  Here the kids are reenacting a bible story.  Our theme was Kings.  We looked at some of the kings from the Old Testament and the King of Kings - Jesus.

 We did the bible talks, songs and games together and split into an older and younger group for craft time. This is the younger group enjoying craft time.
 I was unsure about how it would all work being out in the open and not having a room.  It worked fine and was quite enjoyable under the shade of mango trees!  They were a great bunch of kids to work with and I loved running the program for them.  The church said they are booking me in for next year's church camp too, so we have to come back!!
Some more friends from church, Ariah and Marissa.  We are looking forward to some of these families visiting us at Yeoval soon too.

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