Friday, June 13, 2014

Towards home..

 We travelled through the Northern Territory pretty quickly.  As always with travelling, school work becomes hard to fit in.  Usually we'd get a bit of school done in the morning and spend the afternoon travelling to our next spot.
 The temperature was starting to drop and we were feeling the cold.  Our blankets and sleeping bags came out for sleeping and we started and ended the day in jumpers.  We stopped in at Bitter Springs in Mataranka for an early morning swim.  Usually when we come to these hot springs, it's also hot outside and so not refreshing.  But since the mornings were cool, it was beautiful to slide into the warm water and enjoy a swim.
 After the swim we stopped in at Mataranka to get a bit of school work done.  The girls noticed this huge, old fig and headed straight for it.  It was hard to keep them seated doing school work because they wanted to be up in the tree exploring!
 They did get plenty of time to play and had a ball climbing it and finding roots they could use to swing from the tree.
 The gorgeous outback sky along the Barkley Hwy.
We cross another border.......into Queensland.

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