Saturday, June 21, 2014

Australian Age of Dinosaurs

 Just out of Winton we dropped into the Age of Dinosaurs to do a tour.  It was fascinating and we really enjoyed learning all about the dinosaurs and what's been found in the area.
 A farmer in the area first found a dinosaur bone on his property and now they have 60 sites in the area where they are digging for dinosaur bones. They are only allowed to dig for three weeks of the year.   It was interesting to see how they dig up the bones and preserve them in plaster until they're ready to slowly and painstakingly remove the dirt from the fossil.  It was such a long, slow process that took many, many years.
Where the dirt is removed from the bone using drills (like a dentist)
They are slowly finding all the bones from these two dinosaurs.  They are both a new species, never been found before.

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