Thursday, June 5, 2014


 Bridget with her good friend Bethany.  The girls loved their time catching up with friends.  They were constantly wanting to organise play days and sleepovers.  As we have no extra beds in the van, one or two of our girls would go for a sleepover and someone else would have a friend come to us.  Other nights, they put a tent up outside and slept in there.
 This is Bridget with her friends Bethany, Sophia and Carolyn.  They all enjoyed a sleepover and camp out at Bethany's house.  Bridget could catch up with these girls regularly as she went to youth group and a girls bible study through the week.  It was great for her to be able to join in on all the activities happening around town.
 Claire and he good friend, Becky.  These two girls are very similar and get on great and have a fun time together.
 Lucy and her good friend, Elise.
Our good friends, Gary, Nikki and Tom.  Gary is the minister here at St James.  We had endless cups of coffee with them and I was able to help Nikki out around the house and looking after Tom.  The time we were in Kununurra was an extremely busy time for them ministry wise.  The church has a coffee van and goes to different events on around town.  While they were busy with that, we often looked after Tom and I cleaned their house.  Tom became very attached to our girls and was very sad that they were leaving (as you can see).

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