Thursday, June 26, 2014

Carnarvon Gorge- Qld

 Carnarvon Gorge was a place we had tried to get into last time we travelled.  It was too wet then and closed.  This time on our way back home through Queensland we stopped in.  We booked in for two nights.  We knew our time there would be busy as there were quite a few big walks to do.
 Our first afternoon there we did a 4km walk down Mickey Creek Gorge.  It was a great intro to our time at Carnarvon Gorge.
 Down one track we came to this chasm.  We could walk through a long way until the track was stopped due to a rock pool we couldn't cross. It was really cool.
 The next morning we were ready for the big walk - 14kms!!  We packed up plenty of food and water, had our walking shoes on and were ready to go.  It was a chilly start in the early morning but warmed up as the day went on.
 Numerous times during the walk we crossed the river.  It was beautiful!
 Our first stop was to see some Aboriginal art work.

 There was one main track through the gorge as well as a few tracks shooting off to the sides such as the Moss Garden, Ward's Canyon and the Ampitheatre.  The main track was mainly flat and the side tracks had some steeper sections.

 Chris and the girls entering the ampitheatre.
 The huge sandstone cliffs were spectacular!

 The girls did really well.  We all did the 14km walk- no problems!!
 After the big 14km walk we stopped in to do the short walk to Rock Pool.
 Back at the campground the girls were busy doing a bit of finger knitting.  They had this tree to raise awareness towards child abuse and people would knit something and add it to the tree.  It was a great campground.  Very pricey, but you don't mind so much when the facilities are great and you're in a beautiful place.  Of an evening we would go down to the creek to see platypus.  The first evening we were able to see a few playing around, but the second night we didn't see any.
 The next morning we followed up our big walk with another walk.  This time it was 7kms and we climbed the gorge right up to Boolimba Bluff.  It towers 200m above Carnavon Creek.  It was a steep climb.
 It was a great view from the top and it's the only walk where you can get up on top and look down over the gorge.

The steep walk was no problem for Lucy!!  After a few busy days and lots of walking, we were ready for a rest and a few days driving in the car.

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