Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Around Kununurra

 Some people we met in the caravan park knew of a butterfly cave a little out of town.  They took us out there one morning.  You can see in this photo all the butterflies sitting on the rock.  When we came close to them, they'd all fly away.  It was pretty cool.
 We had a look inside the cave and found this snake.  He was up on the ceiling.  We did not want him to drop down on us, so we had a quick look and went back out.

 It's always beautiful down at Swim Beach as the sun is setting.  The water was lovely and still before we jumped in!
 The girls had a great time climbing the tree, swinging on the rope and jumping off into the water.  A great way to cool off at the end of the day.  Although the weather is definitely getting cooler in Kununurra now. This is the first time that we have felt cool in Kununurra.  I even put on a pair of jeans one night!! And we didn't have the air conditioner or fan on all through the night for our last few nights there!!

 Beautiful sunset over Lake Kununurra.
 One evening we went for drinks at the Pumphouse.  It's a great spot to sit back, relax and watch the sun set.

 The view over Kununurra from the top of Kelly's Knob lookout.  I was lucky enough to see this view often as one of my running tracks I did while here was up the hill to Kelly's Knob.  Beautiful first thing in the morning and at sunset.  We love this place!

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