Sunday, June 8, 2014

Parry's Creek Lagoon, Wyndham and The Grotto

 Since the church camp was out at Parry's Creek Lagoon, we got up early one morning (5:30am) and drove down to the lagoon.  It was the perfect time of day to be there.  The sun was just coming up and there were so many birds!
The sun rises over the lagoon - just beautiful

 We sat down and did a bit of bird watching.  Not usually my favourite pastime, but I did enjoy this.

 With the stunning mountain range in the background there are whistling ducks in the foreground, then magpie geese, then pelicans and so many of them!!

 After camp was all packed up and everyone was heading home, we decided to drive up to Wyndham.  We had a quick look around town and then went up to the five rivers lookout.
 On the way back down to Kununurra, we stopped in at The Grotto.  The water was freezing, but we all still jumped in for a refreshing swim!

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