Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mataranka and Katherine Gorge

 We came across this accident a couple of hundred kms north of Tennant Creek.  These poor people had their life belongings stretched out everywhere along the highway.  They had a tyre blowout which flipped the ute and trailer.  They were both ok.  We stayed with them helping where we could with a few others until the police and ambulance arrived.  It was a good reminder how easily these things can happen.
 We dropped into Mataranka Springs for a swim.  It's a beautiful place, but with the water being fairly warm and a short walk from where we parked, we were hot and sweaty again within minutes of getting out!
 We have visited Katherine many times before but had never been out to the Katherine Gorge.  It was really heating up in Katherine with temperatures in the high 30's and high humidity.
 We camped out at the gorge for the night and early next morning (before it got too hot) we went for a bushwalk.  We saw a crocodile in the Katherine River.
 The view of the Katherine River from up at the lookout.
Katherine Gorge

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  1. Hi the Smiths,

    2/3/4 have just been looking at all your pictures. It looks like you guys are having lots of fun. We miss you lots, have a great Easter! We wish we were there with you. Thinking of you guys often.
    Happy Easter!!!!!
    lots love 2/3/4