Saturday, April 12, 2014

Around Kununurra

 We spent an afternoon exploring around Kununurra.  We had never been to these springs as when we'd been here they were all stagnate or dried up and not worth seeing. This first one is Black Rock Falls.  The water was nice and refreshing because it's in the shade for most of the day.  A great place for a dip on a hot afternoon.
 You know you're back in The Kimberley when you see Boab trees!!
 Our second stop was at Middle Springs.  We were told you can climb up the top where there's more rock pools.  We decided to leave that for another day.
 A bit of a creek crossing to get in and out.
 Ivanhoe Crossing will not be opening this year.  There's just way too much water around.  When we were here in 2010 we drove across it.

 Our last stop today was at Valentine Springs.  Another beautiful place for a swim and the girls enjoyed playing around in the rock pools and little waterfalls.

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