Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Back in The Kimberley - Back in Kununurra

We arrived in Kununurra at the start of April.  We are all excited to be back and look forward to being here for a few months.  We set up camp outside the church in our usual spot until a ranger came and informed us that we were not allowed to be there and had to move.  We had friends who offered for us to stay out on their property and we were also offered a spot at the caravan park for free.  We were thankful for this and chose the caravan park as it is close for Chris to get to and from work.  We are enjoying having a pool to swim in whenever we feel like a dip!
When we arrived we had a hot and humid couple of weeks.  We were wanting to be here at a different time of year and we certainly are!  We are right at the end of the wet season and start of the dry season.  It is beautiful and green and there's still a lot of water around.  I really felt it on my morning runs.  For someone who doesn't sweat a lot, I was coming back from my runs soaking wet with sweat! Yuck!!
St James Anglican church has plenty of work for Chris to do!  So we will settle into life in Kununurra for a few months and enjy catching up with friends and serving the church and others in anyway we can.
 We were asked if the girls would like to go horse riding one afternoon.  Of course they said yes!  Lucy loved Pixie because of her purple blanket and headband!

 The girls had kept in contact with their friends in Kununurra and were keen to catch up with them again.  The play afternoons and sleepovers have already started!
 Bridget had the opportunity to go on a 3 day camp at Lake Argyle with the Baptist Church youth group.  She was very keen and happily went along.  She only knew two girls, but came home full of fun stories and adventures and more friends!

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