Sunday, March 30, 2014

Devils Marbles

 We camped at the Devils Marbles so we could see them at sunrise and sunset.  The sun on the rocks first thing in the morning and late evening is just beautiful!
After dinner and showers we grabbed our pillows (for comfort) and sheets (for protection from mozzies) and laid down outside to watch the stars.  It was a fantastic thing to do with the whole family.  At the Devils Marbles we are a long way from a town, so there were no lights around and the the stars shone brightly.  While star gazing I was reminded of two things.  One, how great and majestic my God is! And two, Lucy needs to learn how to 'be still'.  She was either chatting away or wriggling around.  She cannot be calm and still for more than a few seconds :)  But it was very special as I saw with her her first shooting stars!!

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