Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Travelling along the Mighty Murray River

From Bendigo, we made our way to Echuca and then followed the Murray River to Mildura.  The first night we camped on the Campaspe River just out from Elmore.  We have definitely noticed a temperature change from Tasmania and have been thankful for rivers to camp beside.

The second night we camped on the Murray River between Echuca and Swan Hill.
The BIG Murray Cod at Swan Hill

 Our next stop was Mildura.  We found this fantastic camp spot 15km out at Merbein.  As you can see from the photos, it was right on The Murray. We decided to stay 2 nights and enjoy!
 Enjoying a swim in the Murray.  With all these bush camps we'd been stopping at, we hadn't had a shower for a week! But a refreshing swim in the Murray each night stopped us from being stinky ;)
 What a beautiful sight!!!  Good Morning from the Mighty Murray River - Mildura
 In the morning and evening we sat by a little camp fire.  We enjoyed s'mores and toasting muffins for breakfast.
 Claire took the chance to do a spot of fishing.  She caught nothing but enjoyed trying.
 The last few days we have been in fruit fly zones.  I thought I knew where the zones were and finished all our fruit and veg and bought up again in the next town.  Unfortunately, I was wrong and early the next day we saw the sign telling us to get rid of all our fruit and veg.  I was so cross!!  I refused to throw everything out and so we pulled over and I stewed all the apples.  The great thing that came from this was an apple pie for dessert.  It was pretty rustic without all the proper equipment, but tasted good!! Unfortunately we have no freezer space for ice cream so it had to be custard.

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