Monday, March 24, 2014

The Olgas - Kata Tjuta

We really love the Red Centre of Australia.  It's a very special place with some amazing sights to feast your eyes on.  Our first day here we head to The Olgas.  First we do a walk that we haven't done before to Walpa Gorge.
 Walpa Gorge
 After Walpa Gorge we decide to do the Valley of the Winds circuit.  Last time we went to the second lookout, this time we did the whole 7.4km circuit.  It was stunning.
 The Olgas
 The Flies vs The Smiths
With these groovy flynets, The Smiths win today!

After both walks we had walked 10kms this morning.  Time to head back for a swim in the pool and a rest.  Oh and a bit of school work too!

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