Saturday, February 8, 2014

Mt Roland and Tasmazia

 With Chris started work and our days filled mostly with school, we take off for the day on Saturday and explore more of Tasmania.  Today we drove down towards the town of Sheffield.  Most of the way down you had a view of this magnificent mountain, Mt Roland.
 We are in what they call the Western Tiers.  There are mountains and lakes everywhere.  It is beautiful to drive through.
 We had lunch and a swim at Lake Barrington.  There is a world standard rowing course here and we were able to see a few dragon boat races while we had a swim.
 A panorama of Mt Roland and surrounds.
 Today we also decided to visit Tasmazia.  We had heard this place was a great day out! And it was! Although we thought it was way overpriced.  They had one giant maze you needed to get through first and then 4 or 5 other mazes.  We had lots of fun.  On the smaller mazes we would have a race and see who made it to the middle first.  Most of the time it was Claire who beat us all there!  She must have a good sense of direction.
 This was in Tasmazia where they had created a little town called Crackpot.
 It was very picturesque with Mt Roland in the background!
 Throughout the big main maze, there were lots of little quirky signs and things to see and do.

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