Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Evening Fun!

 Chris finished work a little earlier on Friday, so we went for a drive to have a bit more of a look around Latrobe.  As Latrobe is called the 'platypus capital of the world', we drove out and along the river.  We know from previous experience just how hard it is to view these shy little creatures, so our expectations were very low.  I'm glad they were low, because we saw nothing.  We also knew it wasn't dawn or dusk and these are the times it is most likely to spot a platypus.  The river was nice though!!
 Then we treated ourselves to a hot chocolate. The girls had worked hard at school all week and we had been given a tip by a guy at church.  He told us that the locals ask for a take away hot chocolate and are given fudge and a truffle for free. It was delicious, but very rich and we had to save our fudge and truffle for later (except Chris, who finished his).
 We still love op shopping and found this great op shop in Latrobe.  Chris found an R.M Williams shirt for me and this Yamaha jacket for Bridget.  She was excited as she rides a Yamaha motorbike!
 That night we went to Lillaco beach to see if we could spot a fairy penguin coming back to her burrow after a day at sea.  When we arrived, there was a sign informing us that the breeding season had finished very early and most penguins had gone.  We were patient and waited and were able to see this baby penguin in it's burrow.  A guide was there later on and using his special red torch he was able to find a few adult penguins who were onshore because they were molting. Even though we didn't see heaps of penguins, the girls were happy with what we did see.

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