Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kite Carnival

 Another local event we had seen signs up for around town was a kite carnival.  After church on Sunday, we went along and checked it out.
 There were kites everywhere!!  So many different sizes, colours, shapes etc.  Lucy had just read a text about kites for her school work last week, so for her this was perfectly timed!  She knew a lot about them and could point out different ones to us that she had read about.

 As the park with all the kites flying was right next to the beach, the girls decided to have a swim.  It was a beautiful afternoon in Devonport.

 Later that afternoon, they had a teddy bear drop.  People had purchased a teddy bear and all the money went to a charity.  The bears were all put in a net and lifted up by the helicopter.
 The helicopter went up right above us and after a few test throws to check they had the right position, they released all the teddies.
 It was raining teddies!!  What a fantastic sight!  We loved it!!
All the teddies had little parachutes on and came tumbling down in front of us.

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