Saturday, February 22, 2014

A little bit of what Chris has been up to.

 We spent most of last week in Launceston at Worldview - Centre for intercultural studies.  Singles, couples and families come and study for a few years before heading overseas as missionaries or overseas students come to learn English.
 They have a small farm on the property and grow a lot of their own fruit and vegetables.  Chris was working on a chook caravan.  Basically is a henhouse on wheels that they can move around from paddock to paddock.
 Chris jumped at the chance to hop on the tractor when they needed someone to put it back in the shed!
 A lot of progress was made on the chook caravan the few days Chris was there.  They were really appreciative of his help and skills.  The girls and I enjoyed our time here too.  The girls made friends very quickly with the kids that lived here and we all enjoyed a few nights out of the van.  We stayed in an apartment and had meals cooked for us.  Everyone ate in the dining hall and it was nice to fellowship with others (and have a few days off cooking!)

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