Sunday, May 11, 2014

A dream come true!!

 A friend of ours here in Kununurra owns a helicopter.  We asked if he could take us for a ride and he not only said yes, but went over and above all our expectations!!  He took us up to the coast for an overnight stay!!!  We were all so excited.  I had always wanted to go for a ride in a helicopter and we were about to do it in style!
 We packed minimally and got ready for our adventure.  Take off was the coolest thing!!!  It was just fantastic as the helicopter started to hover and then turned around and took off.
 We left from the airport in Kununurra and looked down to see all the crops and farming country.
 Some of the amazing scenery on our way up to the coast.

 These smiles never left our faces the whole flight.  It was such a buzz and we loved every minute!
 We'd been flying for just about an hour when our friend (and pilot) Paul takes a turn and we head down this gorge.  By this stage our jaws drop and we cannot believe where we are just about to land.

 We are coming in to our own secluded beach where we'll camp for the night.  At this point we are feeling like millionaires!  This is just amazing!

 We have landed safely and are keen to explore and have a look around.
 We head straight down to the beach.  It is just beautiful.
 This is the view from the beach back down into the gorge.
 Paul tells us this is a good place for fishing, so our keen fisherwomen, Claire, is eager to drop a line.
 As the sun starts to set, we walk back along the beach and enjoy the gorgeous colours around us.

 Meanwhile, Claire has success and catches a Mangrove Jack.  We cook him up and enjoy him with our dinner.
 There is something pretty special about a campfire on the beach.  We cook up a simple dinner, Paul and the girls fish for a while longer and Chris and I just sit in amazement at where we are and enjoy the beautiful night.
 Claire does it again!!!  Her second fish for the evening.
We wake up early and take a stroll along the beach and watch the landscape change colour as the sun rises.  Pretty special!
 A panorama of the beach.
 We found ourselves saying this word over and over again while we were here.  It really was AMAZING!!

 Our tents set up with the helicopter in the background.  Each time I walked past our camp while we were here, I smiled and shook my head in amazement when I saw the helicopter.  I could not believe that all this had happened.  It all seemed too good to be true!

 Pancakes on the beach for breakfast.
 We are all packed up and ready to leave this amazing place and enjoy our journey back.
 Paul treated us to a scenic flight by the coast as we left.  Our overnight camp on the beach was like a dream.  It is an experience we will never forget and are extremely grateful for.

 This is a bad photo, but it's looking down at the spot we camped as we fly back home.
 Flying over some ranges as we head back to Kununurra.

 These girls have just had the trip of a lifetime!!  They enjoyed every minute of it (all except Claire who threw up in the final moments before landing back in Kununurra).


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