Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chris and Tim will finish their work here on Friday. From here we head up to the Finders Ranges to have a look around, then back down to Port Lincoln and then prepare to head across the Nullarbor. It's time to move on, do a bit of travelling and get across to WA !!

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  1. Have a great time you guys! I've never been to the Nullarbor! How was Maggie Beer?? I have been dreaming of the thrill of a road trip and soon I get to go to Warren for a school enrichment thing. Yay! Not really, but I'll take what I can get!!
    So, Bridget Smith, are you getting all your homework done? Do you have homework and school work? I could send you some homework if you like. Just in case you are bored. You must be so sick of all those cute penguins and those annoying excursions and trips to the beach aren't you?
    Michael is taking pics of the gas gas this arvo. Looking good.
    You should see how lush and green it is around here- gorgeous!! I've never seen the place like it!!
    Love to you all!
    xxxx Jo